Clothing Factory Outlets in Adelaide

You won’t be disappointed with the clothing factory outlets you can find in Adelaide. You  will have the possibility to purchase from main worldwide known brands such as Converse and Colorado. Adelaide fashion businesses have grown from small retailers of adventure clothing and equipment. You will find leading labels  and you will get to choose from large ranges of lingerie, hosiery, casual clothing, men’s work wear and much more. There is also available also a huge range of pillows, quilts, underlays and mattress protectors.


Brands available Playtex, Wonderbra, Formfit, Jag, Berlei, Hestia, Kayser, Razzamatazz Hanes, Stubbies, Tropicals, King Gee.



Authentic Factory Outlet - Converse which is located in Adelaide Airport Harbour Town, Store T12, 727 Tapleys Hill Road, Adelaide (SA, 5950). Converse started in 1908 when the founder decided to start this well-known shoe company, bypassing a rubber trust that prevented most companies from doing business directly with their retailers. At the present time, Converse delivers complete clothing collection.



Colorado Factory Outlet - West Beach - Have a look round Colorado Factory Outlet unbeatable prices. We are conveniently located in Harbour Town Adelaide Airport, Store T15; 727 Tapleys Hill Road, Adelaide (SA, 5950). Colorado Clothing and footwear has been a favourite with Australians for over 10 years.


Double Bay Clothing Warehouse - Eastwood - Better brands in clothing for the family in current season stock; labels include Elle McPherson, Jag, Davenport, Gordon Smith Basics, Mini Mozaic, Navy 'N' Blue, Running Bare, Holeproof, Sport Eight, Bonds and many others.



Jade Designs Clothing Alterations - West Beach - Jade Design Clothing Alterations is located in West Beach Harbour Town, Shop H 3. Jade Design offer clothing alterations and dressmaking as dresses, pants, shirts, t-shirts, jackets and much more elegant clothing.


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